Best Colorado Yurts for Winter Camping

Camping has been a strong staple in our country for many years, though many campers tend to quit when the weather cools down. Yurts are a great middle ground for those wanting to explore the outdoors during the cold winter months. They give the full camping experience, while the inside is warm and inviting like a cabin. Fishing, hiking, skiing and biking are some of the numerous activities available within yurt locations, as well. Here’s a list of some of the best Colorado yurts for your winter housing in Avon and beyond!


Colorado Yurt Company


Why choose Colorado Yurt Company? Not only are its yurts tested and certified by an outside engineering firm, they have generous standard features and can be shipped all over the US, too! If you are not ready to go “full yurt” and purchase one for yourself, you may visit some of the yurts customers have purchased (that are available to check out). If you want to try before you buy, or simply interested in an escape, check out the yurts you can rent listed below.


Never Summer Nordic


Just as its name suggests, these yurts are built to last for the harsh of winter. Located in Walden, CO Never Summer Nordic provides some of the most beautiful scenery for yurt camping. With 8 active yurt locations, you will have many stunning areas to choose from. If you really want to get away, Never Summer Nordic has the place for you! It boasts that cell service is nearly impossible, with no running water or electricity. Say hello to Viking-style camping from Never Summer Nordic rentals.   


Marble Mountain Yurt


If you’re looking for something more “mom and pop” style, Marble Mountain Yurt may be the spot for you. This quaint yurt is located near Paonia State Park, and for up to 6 guests per stay, you’ll pay between $120 and $220 per night with the weeknight savings discount. Stunning views in this tucked away location will give a sense of wilderness as you explore the great outdoors. Including easy access to skiing, hiking, biking, rivers and lakes, pets are allowed making this a great stay for you and your furry friends.


Tennessee Pass Sleep Yurts


Tennessee Pass not only has breath-taking yurt experiences, but many activities through its Nordic Center, as well. Activities include a biathlon, bike racing, cookhouse events, Special Olympics and much more! You can view a full list of its events on the website. Tennessee Pass also has room service! Take a bite from its delicious menu including empanadas, tamales, wine and mimosas!

Yurt camping is a very unique and comforting experience and is recommended for all who love the outdoors, regardless of the weather. Whether it’s hiking, fishing, skiing or biking, Colorado yurts come with many of the activities we Coloradans love. The Piedmont is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Colorado. Our spacious apartments place residents at the heart of the Rocky Mountains and provide ultimate access to wonderful yurts in the area. Contact us today to learn more! 

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