Best Spring Hikes in Avon, Colorado

Whether you lace up your hiking boots on weekends or take in a trail every sunny afternoon, springtime in Colorado offers many opportunities for hills and thrills. But with so many acres of the great outdoors to explore, where should you begin? If you’re hiking in Avon, consider traversing the following:

Beaver Creek Village Loop

The Beaver Creek Village Loop is a popular place for a lunchtime hike or a quick 5K trek before heading to the office. Its gradual ascent (and propensity for downhill terrain) makes it a nice option for families, as well as visitors not used to the stubborn altitude of the Rocky Mountains. Bring your dog (don’t forget your leash) or stop in the village for lunch afterward.

Buck Creek Trail

Buck Creek Trail is a five-mile trail that is listed as moderate, but many with firsthand experience consider this trail quite hard. With steep inclines and invigorating switchbacks, you’ll get a workout and spend roughly three hours with Mother Nature as your fitness instructor. This is a fairly popular trail, but you’ll find moments of solitude during weekdays. There isn’t much shade (so wear a hat) and mountain lions are occasionally spotted, so hike with caution, especially if venturing out alone.

Beaver Lake Trail

Beaver Lake Trail is a fairly difficult trail (even if the locals tell you otherwise!). It covers over six miles and takes most people about four hours to finish (and that doesn’t count the time you’ll spend admiring the lake). It’s a well-known trail, so it’s not ideal if you’re looking for peace and quiet. If you’re interested in lakeside views, river walking, and waterfalls, on the other hand, it’s hard to find a worthy rival.  

Village to Village Trail

The Village to Village Trail might certainly “peak” your interest if you’re up for an all-day adventure. This 12.3-mile trail requires roughly six hours to complete and takes you from Beaver Creek to Bachelor Gulch. The intersecting paths allow you to create your own route to some degree, but you’ll find a moderate-to-difficult hike in nearly every direction you go. Bring sunscreen, water, and extra granola. 

Berrypicker Trail

If you’re hoping to visit the Vail ski resort during the non-snowy months, now’s your chance. The Berrypicker Trail starts at the base of the Lionshead gondola and takes you to the top of the mountain. It starts out steep with rather mundane scenery, but keep going: blooming wildflowers, trickling streams, and aspen forests await. Once you reach the apex, get out your camera; the panoramic views offer a Kodak moment. If you don’t feel like hiking back down (or your legs are adamantly against it), you can ride the gondola for free as long as it’s running. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick jaunt or a once-in-a-spring challenge, Avon provides plenty of options to choose from. Happy trails to you!

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