DIY Dried Flower Bouquets

Whether you’re redecorating your den, making a centerpiece for your holiday table, walking down the aisle, or looking for a creative way to recycle, DIY dried floral arrangements allow you to practice your artistry skills while beautifying your environment. 

In fact, you can tap into the magic of dried flower power in just a few steps, including the following:

Pick Your Flowers

Unsurprisingly, the first step in making your dried floral bouquet is to choose the flowers you want to use. Here, the sky (or, perhaps, the ground) is the limit. Choose whatever you find appealing and whatever complements the occasion. Opt for large statement flowers, medium-sized petals, and accent foliage. Don’t forget the filler flowers and dried grass; they’ll play a co-starring role in your grand production.

Make Your Base

The base of your bouquet is what holds everything together, making it a pretty vital piece. To create this, gather a portion of your flowers and your fillers, bunching them in the middle (start with one or two large flowers before adding in smaller ones). You’ll eventually secure the base with ribbon, floral tape, a rubber band, or another type of tie, making sure it’s good to go (and good to grow). 

Build the Bouquet

To make the bouquet look the way you intend, make sure your primary flowers are featured most prominently while the secondary ones balance out the look. Rotate the types of flowers you’re adding so the same blooms aren’t all on the same side (unless you’re making a one-flower piece, such as a lavender bouquet). Smaller flowers with vivid hues are an excellent way to accent the bouquet and bring in a pop of color without overwhelming the piece. Just make sure these colors don’t clash with the featured floral (unless you want them to). 

Go Bigger

After adding many of the smaller and filler flowers to your bouquet, it’s time to go back to bigger and bolder. Continue with medium-sized blooms before gathering the larger ones. Continue to keep your colors consistent so that your shades don’t contrast too dramatically or in a way you don’t like. 

Add the Finishing Details

The finishing details give your bouquet dimension and round it out (literally). More decorative grasses can further fill out the arrangement while adding a spilling effect. The right floral ribbon pulls the piece together for the perfect touch. 

DIY dried floral arrangements are easier to create than you might think, and these tips will help make your foliage fabulous. 

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