DIY Wreath Ideas

DIY isn’t limited to home improvement; it works for home decor, as well. DIY wreaths are a simple and festive way to welcome visitors, show off your holiday spirit, and add a little flair to your front door. 

There are directions for all sorts of wreaths online (or you can make up your own). Some of our favorites include the following: 

Black Crow Halloween Wreath

A wreath with an ominous crow doesn’t necessarily work for every type of motif, but it makes a fitting and fun addition to your Halloween theme. If you’re decking out your front lawn with skeletons and tombstones, and covering your balcony with cobwebs, be sure to get your front door in on the spooky action. 

Candy Corn Wreath

According to polls, candy corn is one of the most hated sweets on the market. That makes a candy corn wreath a dual threat: it’s an adorable decoration and you don’t have to eat it. This wreath is ideal for Halloween night and the days that precede it. It’s visual decor is sure to lure plenty of trick-or-treaters.

Rustic Acorn Wreath

If you’re looking for something that won’t go out of style once Halloween ends, a rustic acorn wreath is a classy way to embrace your love for autumn. You can leave the acorns plain, paint them, or add glitter with glue. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to make your neighbors, and the squirrels, jealous.  

Faux Flowers Wreath

A fresh flower wreath is a wonderful addition to your entryway…for about three days. Because picked flowers have such short lifespans, faux flowers make more practical mediums for your art project. While you can use any type of artificial flower, those with orange, red, and yellow hues make the biggest splash in fall. 

Berry Wreath

Making a wreath doesn’t need to be time-consuming; one can be made in a few minutes with budget-friendly supplies. While berry wreaths work in summer or spring, they’re most suitable around the holidays. Deck the door with boughs of holly after you’re done decking the halls. 

One of the most wonderful things about this time of year is the accessorizing! Create an autumn wreath to usher in the holidays the right and bright way.

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