Decorating Your Apartment With Spring Flowers

As beautiful as Colorado is in the winter, the Rocky Mountains and surrounding foothills can be equally as gorgeous when the snow starts to melt and the first signs of spring pop up. Although it can be a slow start, with Colorado’s last frost of the season averaging around the beginning of May, we will soon get to see tulips, daffodils, lilacs, and more dotting the landscape. Decorating with seasonal flowers is an excellent way to embrace the warmer days ahead and can be quite simple to do. Check out these tips on how to bring the season into your apartment using spring florals.

Identify Popular Spring Flowers

Nothing quite says ‘spring’ like tulips and daffodils, which pop up before just about any other flowers at the beginning of the season. Daffodils are typically white and yellow with slender green stems, while tulips can come in a variety of vibrant colors in their iconic cup-like shape. Alliums and hyacinths also work beautifully as spring decor. While both types are made up of clusters of small purple or blue flowers, alliums tend to look like little purple lollipops in the garden, while hyacinths are more oblong and fragrant with long green leaves surrounding the stem. All of these flowers are grown from bulbs, which can make for an excellent spring table centerpiece.

Decorate with Plant Clippings

If you are more of a houseplant person, it is likely that you have repotted, or are thinking about repotting, some of your plants for the coming year. Add a little extra greenery to your home by decorating with your plant cuttings. Snip off a few leaves, put them in a vial or small jar of clean water, and place them throughout your home. These little green clippings are adaptable to any space. They can be placed on tables and windowsills, or even hung on the wall or from the ceiling. There are tons of decorative plant propagation stations to choose from, and the best part is you will likely have a new plant ready to be potted after a few weeks.

Create a Floral Arrangement

Arranging flowers can be a fun, relaxing activity, resulting in a fresh decorative element for your table or countertops. Creating a floral arrangement can extend the life of your cut flowers and bring a pop of spring color into your apartment. One of the easiest ways to create a bright, seasonal flower arrangement is to simply buy one from a store. It may seem like there is not much left to do, but you can still rearrange the blooms into your own personalized bouquet for a beautiful home accent. For a more garden-fresh vibe, tulip and hyacinth bulbs grow easily from a container in a sunny spot.

Decorating with flowers is a great way to celebrate the changing of the season! Enjoy watching the seasons change year round while living at the Piedmont Apartments. Conveniently located in Avon, Colorado, we offer residents a resort-style living experience in a popular mountain town, with one, two, and three-bedroom floorplans to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about living at the Piedmont.

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