Hacks for Preparing for Winter Weather

While many consider it the most wonderful time of the year, winter is also the snowiest. From the ten-foot drifts to the frozen fingers, it’s not hard to find fault with Mother Nature as she gives us the cold shoulder. But whether or not you’re a fan of frost, you can’t do anything to stop the seasons from changing. The only thing you can do is prepare. Fortunately, there are all sorts of wintertime hacks to make the next few months as cozy as possible, including the following:

Invest in Windshield Covers

Scraping ice off your windshield is frustrating, but it’s time-consuming too, so much so that a particularly steady snowfall or frigid night can make you late for work. The quickest way to get ice off your windshield is to prevent it in the first place. A windshield cover does just that, acting as a barrier between the ice and the glass. It goes on and comes off easily, allowing you to get in your car and on your way.

Use Your Snow Tires

Not every driver needs to swap out their tires when winter beckons; some vehicles come with four-wheel drive and all-weather tires designed to conquer whatever Jack Frost throws at them. But if your tires aren’t made for wet roads, snow tires can be a literal lifesaver. If you’re driving in deep snow or headed to the mountains, consider tire traction devices for more grip.

Layer Up

When living in Colorado, wearing layers in the winter is as mandatory as wearing flip-flops in the summer. This is because of the fluctuation in temperature, which depends on the time of day and the elevation. While afternoons may get sunny and warm (or warmish), nights and mornings are always cold. The mountains are also consistently colder than the Front Range. While the average November high is around 50 degrees in Denver, it’s about 15 degrees cooler in Avon

Keep Extra Socks in the Car

Feet are among the body parts that lose heat the easiest and stay cold the longest. If you have an underlying heart condition, diabetes, low body fat, or poor circulation, your feet will likely be colder than someone who doesn’t. Keeping an extra pair of socks in your car doesn’t assure your little piggies a cold-free trip to the market or anywhere else, but it’s a good solution if you step in snow or slush and end up with soggy shoes. 

Subscribe to Streaming Services

Watching a movie during a blizzard brings new meaning to the term, “Netflix and chill.” That’s because winter is the ideal time to sign up for streaming services and settle in for a long winter’s binge. From the films to the series and the documentaries to the sports, it’s hard to be bored when Hulu and friends are in the house. Don’t feel guilty about lounging around; that’s what cold weather is for. 

These tips can help make your winter a little jollier, even with the short days and high heating bills. If these hacks don’t hack it, keep your cool: spring will be here before you know it. 

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