Modern Twists on Traditional Holiday Recipes

From celebratory feasts to seasonal parties, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year for your tastebuds. This is especially true if you fancy yourself a foodie who likes to cook. In other words, eat, drink, and get ready to marinate! 

Whether you’re roasting a turkey, making a casserole, or experimenting with dessert, there are all sorts of recipes that allow you to mix traditional favorites with modern-day flavors. 

Here’s a taste:

Fruit Cake Bars

Sure, fruit cake is typically looked at as a bit of a joke, exiled to the far end of the dining table to sit with the Jell-O mold. But these bars might just change your mind. Make them with pecans and your choice of candied fruit (cherries, pineapple, or a combo). Drizzle on a rum glaze to bring the recipe together. 

Maple-Glazed Turkey

You’ve probably heard of honey-baked ham; this is the poultry version. Maple-glazed turkey is made with maple syrup, spiced redcurrant jelly, orange juice, cream, and turkey (of course!). It’s served with lingonberry jam, which is similar to cranberry sauce.  

Sweet Potato Bake

As their name insinuates, sweet potatoes are a good-natured starch that’s regarded as comfort food (not only do they taste great, but they increase serotonin, too!). This sweet potato dish is made with olive oil, bacon, nutmeg, ricotta, and coconut milk, giving some present-day pizzazz to a decades-old dish.

Cauliflower Casserole

Casseroles are certainly not for tuna anymore! This cauliflower casserole brings together vegetables, bacon, cheese, spices, and cream cheese for a filling, flavorful dish. The recipe offers several variations, including a vegetarian option and a reduced fat version. Ironically, there’s even an option for those who dislike cauliflower.

Eggnog Cookies

Eggnog is kind of like the candy corn of the holidays: people either love it or hate it. If the nog gets your nod of approval, this cookie recipe will hit the spot. It’s a sweet, soft, gooey, and unique addition to any holiday potluck. 

From dinner to dessert, ‘tis the season to sate your appetite. These recipes are a great way to honor the old while embracing the new. Start your ovens and ring in the holidays in sweet and savory style. 

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