Our Favorite Pet Costume Ideas

Halloween isn’t just for humans; your pets can get into the festivities, as well. Whether you’re looking for a getup that’s silly, ironic, hilarious, or scary, there are tons of canine costumes to choose from. So, bribe your pooch with some perks and consider putting them in the following:

Hotdog Costume

You don’t have to own a wiener dog to put a hotdog costume to good use (although it’s certainly a way to make your dachshund look dapper). Hotdog costumes work for all sorts of small dog breeds, but you can find them for large dog breeds, too. 

Spider Costume

Turn your four-legged friend into an eight-legged one. This spider costume is sure to get your pup noticed. Plus, your pooch might not protest too much; after all, it’s a spider, not a flea. 

UPS Driver Costume

The UPS driver may be your dog’s mortal enemy, but this delivery driver costume is a fun and clever way to bring some irony into the holiday. Mail carrier costumes make good options for the same reason.   

Lion Costume

Your dog already sees itself as the king of beasts, so you may as well find a costume that fits its self-image. There are lots of lion costumes to choose from, ranging from cutesy to more realistic-looking. Turn that “arf” into a mighty roar. 

Prisoner Costume

From stealing food off the dining room table to tormenting the cat, most dogs have a few mischievous bones somewhere in their bodies. That makes a prisoner costume an apt choice for anyone who’s exasperated by Fido on a daily basis. 

Dressing up your dog on Halloween might not be their first choice for a fun activity, but it gives owners a chance to show off their furry little friends while embracing the excitement of the season. Besides, your dog needn’t worry too much; they’ll go back to being in charge come November.

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