Outdoor Activities Around Avon, Colorado

If you live in Colorado and don’t spend time outside, keep it to yourself; otherwise, you may be asked to move out of state. In fact, visitors and locals alike get a Rocky Mountain High off the numerous outdoor activities nestled in the hills and beyond.

In Avon, there are so many outdoor adventures that it can be hard to choose. Consider starting with one of the activities below (and then do something different tomorrow):

Walking Mountain Science Center

The WalkingMountain Science Center is reminiscent of your favorite elementary school field trip. Its free admission and convenient location right off I-70 take a backseat to the wonders that await! Visitors can walk the 10-acre site to explore nature, learn about animals, and discover more sustainable ways to save Mother Earth.

Apex Mountain School

Apex Mountain School is a mountain adventure company located near Avon. It caters to all kinds of outdoor adventurers, from snow bunnies to sun worshipers. While it’s heavy on ski-related activities in the winter, spring turns the focus to mountaineering, backpacking, and rappelling. It’s well-known for its rock-related activities, making it a solid choice for anyone who wants to learn to rock climb or improve their skills.

Mountain Biking

Nothing makes the slightest slope feel like a 90° angle quite like mountain biking! Nonetheless, pedaling through the pines is one of the most beloved pastimes in Colorado. Like any proper mountain town, Avon boasts plenty of trails that range from easy to intermediate to difficult. You're best off avoiding the latter unless you are a seasoned rider with a very expensive pair of wheels.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting season in Colorado tends to run from late April to mid-September, depending on the weather, the snowmelt, and the condition of the rivers. If you’re up for a unique adventure, this is a chance to get your kids away from their electronics while introducing them to nature’s version of streaming. The various levels allow you to sign up for a trip that fits your skills (or lack thereof).


When in doubt, embrace the obligatory Rocky Mountain experience and go for a hike. While there are tons of trails to choose from, you might want to start with something on the easier side if you’re not used to altitude (Avon is already above 7,000 feet). For a moderate hike, consider the Allie’s Way Trail. This 3.8-mile hike is challenging enough to give you a good workout but not so hard that you’ll go home and burn your hiking boots.

Whether you can’t get enough of the great outdoors or prefer them in moderation, Avon offers activities galore. From experiencing something new to returning to true and trusted favorites, if you’re looking for adventure, you’re bound to find it.

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