Outdoor Party Ideas to Celebrate the Summer

You don’t need an excuse to throw an outdoor party. Because school’s out, because it’s Saturday, because you’re awake...it’s all reason enough. But whatever the cause, not all outdoor parties offer the same, and that’s why thinking outside the box can help take your gathering to legendary levels.

In fact, if you’re looking for creative ideas, there’s lots to love. Consider hosting one of the following:

Beach Party

A beach party is a particularly fun celebration for those living in a landlocked state; after all, it’s natural to want what you can’t have. A few ideas to help make this gathering as coast-worthy as possible include tropical cocktails (and mocktails), seafood dishes, swim and surf decor, and beachside games (like volleyball). Throw in a bonfire and your bucket of sand just might runneth over. 

Kite Party

A kite party embraces Mother Nature’s tantrums to offer a fun spin on a traditional get-together. Host this a kite party in a park or an open space and encourage your guests to bring their own kite (but have a few extras just in case). 

80s Party

An 80s party works both indoors and out but summertime adds a little bit more of a retro spin (because who needs real palm trees when you have inflatable ones). Synchronize your Swatches, get out your spandex, and keep the Hi-C on ice! It’s time to go big...especially when it comes to your hair. 

Movie Party

Hosting outdoor movie parties has become popular in recent years because it’s easy and affordable. You can opt for an expensive setup or throw something simple together with a basic projector and sheet. Pop some corn and enjoy modern favorites, like a Marvel movie, or old classics, like The Birds. The latter just might help keep the Miller moths away.

Gardening Party

A gardening party takes a garden party to a new level, a down-and-dirty one with much more manual labor. If you’re looking to landscape your yard, make a party of it and invite friends who are always willing to lend a hand. Whether you’re resodding your grass, de-weeding your rocks, building a retaining wall, or planting flowers, the more the marigolds! Be sure to have plenty of food and drinks on hand to keep your guests motivated and hydrated. 

Summer is the ideal time for get-togethers, whether you have a reason or not. Adding a theme isn’t a necessity, but it’s an easy way to make your party just a bit more perfect. 

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