The Best Farmer’s Markets Near Avon, Colorado

Whether you’ve got your eyes on potatoes, you’re stalking celery, or you have a hankering for honeydew, a farmer’s market is a wonderful way to fill your refrigerator and spend time in the Colorado sun. If you live near Avon, there are several markets to choose from, each full of fruits, veggies, and other healthy harvests. Consider stopping by one of the following:  

Vail Farmer’s Market

The Vail Farmer’s Market is open on Sundays from June through October. This large and eclectic market features more than 148 tents and handpicked vendors selling locally-grown produce and locally-made artisanal food. Vendors also sell home goods, candles, arts and crafts, jewelry, and whiskey (perhaps we should have led with that). 

Edwards Corner Farmer’s Market

The Edwards Corner Farmer’s Market is open on Saturdays from June through September. This market has been open annually since 2005 and features traditional offerings, as well as some out-of-the-box wares. Stop by to check out a selection of fruits, veggies, coffee, humus, baked goods, tamales, honey, mini donuts, and more. 

R Farmers’ Market

Things are a little fishy at R Farmers’ Market, which is exactly why it stands out. This market provides an on-site butcher and fishmonger. It’s the place to go for fresh sushi, as well as meats and produce from Eagle-based farms and ranches throughout Colorado. 

All the Good Stuff

All the Good Stuff is an Eagle County farmer’s market delivery service that brings locally-grown produce, ethically-raised meat, free-range eggs, and locally-produced condiments (from hot sauce to jelly) right to your front door. Order by Wednesday evenings for Saturday delivery; you can also opt for local pickup as an alternative.

Farmer’s markets are a staple of warm weather, up there with flip flops and dollops of SPF 96 (at least at altitude). They not only help your family eat plenty of fruits and veggies, but they also allow you to run errands in the great outdoors. Start your morning by picking out produce and you’ll be well on your way to a productive day.

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