The Best Stargazing Locations In Colorado

Warming spring temperatures and clear night skies have us wanting to star gaze. Fortunately, there are ample spots in the Rocky Mountain state to catch nature’s twinkling lights. Pack a picnic, grab a blanket, and get outdoors for an evening unlike any other. Or, for a more epic adventure, plan to camp at some farther flung locations for the entire weekend. Here are some of the best spots to see stars in Colorado.

Avon White Water Park

Avon has little light pollution when compared to some of Colorado’s larger ski towns. You can certainly see stars from anywhere in town, but setting up next to the river at the conveniently accessed white water park feels like a world apart. Listen to the rushing water and dip your feet in on warm nights while spotting constellations.

Nottingham Lake Park

Arrive before sunset and catch stunning views of Beaver Creek mountain. Set up dinner on one of the numerous picnic tables or bring grilling supplies to take advantage of the charcoal grills peppered throughout the 48-acre park. Stars are numerous amidst the black night sky found at Nottingham Lake Park.

Beaver Lake

Just a few towns over, BeaverLake makes stargazers earn their views with a 3-mile hike in. Pack a headlamp, sturdy shoes, and an extra layer for an adventurous night out in the mountains. On very clear nights with no moon, you may be able to see the Milky Way at this extremely dark spot in the woods.  

Grand Lake

This beautiful spot can be accessed in a day from Avon, but also makes for a convenient campground for a modest weekend adventure. Car camping spots are aplenty, as well as more primitive sights throughout the Grand Lake region. Invite a few friends and spend the day on the lake. When night falls, turn off the headlamps and lay back on your sleeping pad to take in the universe’s epic show.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

For truly dark skies, visit this mini Grand Canyon in Gunnison, Colorado. Steep, cliff-like walls plunge down to the river. Camping spots are numerous and there are a plethora of daytime activities. Hike along the rim, climb impressive routes, or fish in the pretty blue water. Front row seats for a crazy nighttime show can be had by any willing to brave crisp nights and mornings at the bottom of the canyon.

UFO Watch-Tower in San Luis Valley

Alleged alien sightings are frequent in the San Luis Valley. None occur more frequently than at the UFO Watch Tower in Hooper Colorado. Dedicated alien observers visit this tower often to catch extraterrestrial activity and to take in the night sky. For a very unique experience, head south to this lesser-trafficked area of our state.

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