Tips For Decorating A New Living Room

Decorating a new living room is an exciting (and sometimes daunting) challenge. With a fresh canvas at your fingertips, it’s important to narrow your focus so that the space can be functional for your lifestyle while also suiting your personal design aesthetic. Here are some tips to simplify the process and help you get started.

Know Your Space

First and foremost, you need to establish the primary purpose for this versatile space. Ask yourself questions like: Who is this room for? Which activities will occur here? What kind of vibe do you want to present to your guests? Your answers to these questions will affect how you will want to set up your living area.

For example, if you have children, you may need extra storage to stash their toys when you have company. Or perhaps the pandemic life has you and your housemates working or schooling remotely, so you need the living room to serve as an office space, as well. Adding comfortable accent chairs, an oversized coffee table, or end tables with a power strip and USB outlet may be ideal for your needs. Once you determine your specific requirements, be sure to take measurements of the space that you are trying to furnish.

Pick a Design Style

This is where designing a new room gets fun. What is your style? A quick web search of modern, farmhouse, rustic, contemporary, bohemian, mid-century, industrial, shabby chic and traditional (to name a few) should be enough to whet your design palate and send you in the right direction. Using style-themed keywords to purchase new or previously loved furniture will keep you on track for a cohesive design in your space.

Assess Existing Furniture

You would be surprised how different an old couch can look when styled properly (with accent pillows and throw blankets). Paint also does wonders for old coffee and side tables, book shelves, and television consoles. Modifying and using what you have will help you save money for statement pieces and other design elements that will bring your dream room together. Put on your editing glasses and see how you can make the things you have work within the scope of the style you’ve chosen.

Getting overwhelmed? Remember that many beginning designers like to select one piece they absolutely love and build the room around it!

Accessorize Your Space

Thoughtfully selected and well-placed accessories will transform a living room. Think about adding a new area rug, artwork (wall or free-standing), floor/table lamps, baskets, vases, picture frames and coffee table books that reflect your interests. Natural elements are also great to consider; greenery can do wonders for a space. It brings in a pop of color for the more neutral color scheme and generally gives life to a room. Can’t seem to keep plants alive? Faux greenery has come a long way and can fool even the keenest of observers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch it Up

Repeatedly arranging the furniture that you thought would fit perfectly in your new room is a real possibility. Try not to get discouraged. Often, we create a plan in our heads, but in actuality that cool lamp that you love fits better in another corner of your home. Or, your carefully selected pillows look better on your accent chairs than on your couch. All of these changes are part of the process. Remember to stick to your theme, but be flexible in your application. You want to feel like you’re at home, so above all, make the space work for you.

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