Tips For Decorating a Studio Apartment

When you live in a studio apartment, you’ll want to make the most of every square inch of space. The open floor plan of a studio apartment allows for an abundance of creativity, so you can ensure that your living area is practical and stylish. If you’re on the search for ways to make your new studio apartment feel like home, consider the inspiration we share here:

Invest in a Loft Bed

If you’d like to maximize your living space, a loft bed will open up the look of the room. The area underneath the loft can be used for a study, lounge spot, or flex space. Adding seating below the loft creates an inviting environment, so if you’d like to try this idea, be on the lookout for cozy seating options to incorporate.

Hang Wall Shelves

When you’re working with limited space, wall shelves are an excellent way to add clutter-free storage and show off the pieces you’re most proud of. Floating shelves are trendy and versatile, and offer dimension to the room. A tiered shelf mounted to the wall is also an option to consider for those who prefer a more traditional look. Whichever option you choose, wall-mounted shelves are the perfect solution for keeping the floor as open as possible while having the ability to display your belongings.

Add a Statement Piece

Looking to add some personality to your space? One statement piece is all you need to bring the studio apartment to life. If most of the furniture is neutral, a boldly patterned rug or eye-catching work of art will help tie the look together. For those who prefer a functional statement piece, a brightly colored sofa will enhance the space with a pop of color that doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Include Curtains

Curtains add texture to the space and can even create the illusion of a larger room. Adding curtains may help the studio apartment feel homier and inviting, while also maintaining comfortable lighting and temperature. If you don’t have high ceilings, no worries: you can hang the curtain a bit above the window for the same effect.

When decorating a smaller space, it’s all about utilizing the area to its full potential. If you’re looking forward to finding a new apartment to call home, you’ll love our up-and-coming community in beautiful Avon, Colorado. We offer luxurious floor plans, including studio apartments. Ready to learn more about becoming a resident? Please contact our team to inquire about availability.

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