Tips for Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

Whether you're looking for a peaceful night’s sleep or an area of your home to get your zen on, one thing is certain: we all need to unwind from our fast-paced and busy lives. With most of us spending more time than normal at home and feeling more stressed than ever, you need a bedroom that engenders rest and tranquility. Kick back and relax, because we have compiled a list of expert tips and suggestions that will transform your space effectively and affordably.


Keep it Simple


Simplicity is key when talking relaxation. The less clutter that you have in your bedroom, the less overwhelmed you will be. Take a day to tidy up and sort through your things, being careful to remove any items that don’t serve a purpose in your bedroom. Store and organize the necessaries neatly, utilizing drawer and closet space.


Try not to let the clutter pile up. For some, it’s laundry on a chair, or books piled on dressers, or towels tossed on the floor, but whatever it is for you, keep the chaos out of the room that you desire to rest in. Taking 15 minutes a night before bed to clean and organize is a small sacrifice to make for your peace of mind.


Time to Unplug


Experts across the board recommend removing all traces of work and electronics from your bedroom. Work is important, but if you want to maximize the time and space that you have designated for relaxation, you have to accept that the two activities clash and should be kept separate. Keeping your work outside of your sleeping area creates an important boundary that will allow you to get the most from your work life and your personal life.


That cell phone that you spend two hours a night on, mindlessly scrolling to unwind? According to the research, you are actually compromising your sleep by browsing right before bed. If possible, put your device down at least 30 minutes before you intend to go to sleep, keep it on silent, and place it face down so that the light it emits doesn’t disturb your valuable REM cycles.


Get Comfortable


If you’re going to splurge, one of the best investments you can make is on bedding. Assuming that you already have a mattress, a high quality, high thread-count cotton sheet set or linen-cotton blend sheet set are going to be your best bet. Cotton and linen sheets are great because they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also wash easily and last for longer than other popular sheet materials.


Did you know that they make pillows for back, stomach and side sleepers? Having the right pillow at night can make a world of difference in the quality of sleep that you are getting. You may need to test a bunch to find the perfect one, but you will be so thankful that you did.


Down or down-alternative mattress toppers are an awesome option to consider for people who need a more plush or firm mattress but aren’t ready for a huge purchase.


Get the Dark and Light Right


Switching out harsh lighting in your bedroom is crucial, and can be as simple as switching out a couple of light bulbs, or purchasing a new lamp shade.


Blackout curtains can also really help to extend the amount of sleep that you are getting. Most people think blackout curtains are just for mornings, but they actually help to block out elements like street lights and car headlights, which you might not even realize are disturbing your slumber.


A calm and relaxed mind and body can improve the quality of your life tenfold, so what are you waiting for? Start implementing some of these tips today.


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