Tips for Planning Your First Thanksgiving

Hosting your first Thanksgiving is a big step that can be both exciting and a little stressful. If you’re looking forward to welcoming others into your home this holiday, you may be on the search for ways to cut down on stress and ensure a wonderful time for all. Here, we share our favorite tips to help you get organized and host a smooth and enjoyable Thanksgiving meal.

Accept Help

Although you may be tempted to do all the prep work by yourself, accepting help from guests is never a bad choice. If friends or family offer to bring a dish, side, or beverage, feel free to take them up on it. That’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about on the big day!

Shop Early

If possible, stock up on everything you need a few days in advance. The day before Thanksgiving (or even 2-3 days before) means lots of traffic at the store, and you may not be able to find what you need. Aim to do your shopping about five days before the event to ensure the store won’t be out of any key ingredients.

Prepare Some Dishes Ahead of Time

The last-minute rush is often the most stressful part of hosting Thanksgiving. To avoid feeling overwhelmed right before guests arrive, prepare a few dishes ahead of time. Gravy, casseroles, and most desserts are excellent candidates for making in advance. If you’re short on fridge space, this green bean casserole recipe freezes well and heats up like a dream.

Stick to Safe Recipes

Don’t feel pressured to try out impressive new recipes for Thanksgiving. This meal is the perfect opportunity to stick to the classics that you already know and love. If you do want to try your hand at a new recipe, consider opting for a practice run to ensure that you’ll feel confident when it’s time to start meal prep for the main event.

Set the Table the Evening Before

Leave Thanksgiving Day to putting the final touches on the menu. If you happen to run into any roadblocks, you don’t want to be left scrambling to set the table right before guests arrive. For best results, get the table ready the night before Thanksgiving.

Hosting Thanksgiving for the first time is an exciting step that doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. By following the tips mentioned here, you’ll be well on your way to hosting a Thanksgiving to remember. If you’re on the search for a new apartment home that you’ll want to show off to friends and family, check out our brand-new community in Avon, Colorado. Each of our units is designed with luxury features and thoughtful designs, so you’ll love living and lounging here all year round. Interested in learning more about availability? Please contact our leasing team to schedule a consultation.

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