What You Should Know About The Walking Mountains Science Center

Out of creative socially distanced activities to keep you and your loved ones entertained throughout the rest of summer and into fall? Look no further than Walking Mountains Science Center. This science-focused center in Avon has plenty to, regardless of your interests. Here, we share information about this interactive and educational experience.

About Walking Mountains Science Center

Established in 1998 under the name Gore Range Natural Science School, this organization sought to provide supplemental education programs that enhance the curriculums of K-12 students. Natural science programs in school were great, but didn’t often pull students directly into the outdoors to interact with the environment they were learning about.

In addition to noting the benefit for children, founder Kim Langmaid discovered that adults could gain from developing an interest in the outdoors and learning how to be better stewards of the environment, as well. Thus, Walking Mountains Science Center was born. 

Student Programs

It’s crucial to provide children with supplemental education that focuses on environmental practices and outdoor stewardship. This organization provides online learning resources that complement distance learning curriculums wonderfully. Its STEM programs integrate nature, science, technology, and math to underscore the importance of melding progressive ideals with conservation efforts. Visit one of its campuses in Avon or Vail and participate in an interactive, nature-based education.   

Nature Walks

Enjoy the outdoors with a beautiful, guided nature walk. Learn about the surrounding terrain and gain a new perspective on the Gore Mountain Range. From hour-long hikes to mountain hikes to creek-side strolls, nature walks with Walking Mountains Science Center offer outdoor enthusiasts an in-depth look at the terrain they know and love. For hiking beginners or new Colorado residents, this type of activity provides a great introduction to playing in the mountains and understanding our state’s diverse array of terrain.

Workshops and Lectures

With a focus on sustainability, Walking Mountains Science Center offers lectures that run the gamut from recycling to how things are made. In addition to these educational lessons, workshops also include speakers with an abundance of knowledge on Colorado’s flora and fauna. From information on hydroclimatic events and avalanches to forest fires, some of Colorado’s most notable environmentalists make appearances at this awe-inspiring center.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Walking Mountains Science Center offers a host of supplemental activities to help folks become more involved with conservation. Sustainable business trainings and certifications foster green initiatives in the economic sector, while sustainable tourism training helps the travel industry be more conscientious about treading lightly. Internships and fellowships offer a pathway for recent graduates to develop a career in environmental conservation.

While our mountains certainly get a lot of play in the press for being beautiful ski havens, they are also home to a diverse range of flora and fauna that need protecting. Walking Mountains Science Center focuses on all the elements of environmentalism and shares information, activities, and events with people of all ages and backgrounds. Support this organization by getting involved, virtual or in-person.

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