Why Non-Toxic Sunscreen is Important and the Brands We Love

As warm weather beckons, it’s natural to flock outside, ready to embrace fun in the Colorado sun. But living at elevation with so many cloudless days comes at a price; Colorado has skin cancer rates higher than the national average.

Does this mean UV rays should leave your summer DOA? Not if you wear sunscreen and lots of it.

Why Sunscreen is Vital

As mentioned above, the biggest reason to use sunscreen is the threat of skin cancer; it’s among the most common cancers in the US. Fortunately, the large majority of skin cancers are basal cell carcinomas, which are almost always benign in nature and a simple procedure to have them removed is curative. Other types of skin cancer, such as squamous cell and melanoma, may also be cured upon removal, but can prove deadly when left untreated or discovered too late.

Sunscreen dramatically reduces the risk of skin cancer by preventing UV rays from damaging the skin. Some sunscreens do this by scattering the UV rays before they can penetrate the skin while other sunscreens absorb the UV rays, acting as a shield in the process.

Of course, sunscreen doesn’t just protect your health; it protects your stunning good looks, as well. In other words, if skin cancer doesn’t scare you, perhaps wrinkles will. Sunscreen helps sidestep signs of aging by preventing sun spots, lines, and sagging skin that too much sun exposure tends to cause.

People with lighter skin tones tend to be more susceptible to sun damage than those who have darker skin. People with light skin, blue or green eyes, or blond or red hair are even more at risk. But UV rays don’t discriminate and have the potential to harm anyone, regardless of genetic factors.

The Advantages of Non-Toxic Sunscreen

Doctors agree that any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen at all, but many people prefer their lotion and spray to be chemical-free, especially if sunscreen is something they wear every day or use on their children.

Non-toxic sunscreens use mineral UV filters of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which sit on top of the skin without being absorbed into the bloodstream (setting them apart from many chemical formulas that have the potential to disrupt hormone levels). They tend to be less irritating than other sunscreens, making them especially useful for people who have eczema, dermatitis, and other conditions that leave the skin easily inflamed. Non-toxic sunscreens are also eco-friendly options for those conscious about their carbon footprint. In short, they’re better for your real mother and your Mother Earth.

Non-Toxic Sunscreen Brands to Try

While it might be easy to question the effectiveness of natural sunscreens, they can prevent sunburns and sun damage just as well as chemical-heavy options. This isn’t to say that all brands are created equally; some are more recommended than others, just as with all kinds of products.

Some of the best non-toxic brands to try include Grown Alchemist Natural Hydrating Sunscreen, Unsun Mineral Sunscreen, The Organic Pharmacy Cellular Protection Sun Cream, Alba Botanica Sunscreen, and Elta MD.

When it comes down to it, everyone benefits from wearing sunscreen. In Colorado, it's as vital as flip-flops. Opting for nontoxic products is the best way to enjoy your days in the rays without worry.

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